About Jen Davis

Hi, y’all! Thanks for clicking on various links to get here. It’s incredibly validating. I’m Jen Davis, and I’ve been writing professionally since 2007. I have a B.A. from Northern Kentucky University (Go Norse!) and I live in beautiful Northern Kentucky with my husband and two children. In addition to my client work, I write poetry, and I even have a few publishing credits under my belt.

But enough about me! I mean, sure, this is the “About Jen Davis” page or whatever, but we have much to discuss, and I want to chat about how I can help you.

My gift is my adaptability. I have a unique talent for adjusting and mimicking tone and voice in writing. Not so much in person. My attempts at dialects are borderline offensive. But in writing, I am great at finding that sweet spot. I’ve written articles for magazines and lifestyle websites, marketing materials and business documents for small companies, theatrical reviews for very different publications, résumés and cover letters for private clients, and more. All of those areas have their own specific tones, and within those tones, even more specific voices.

I’m good at that.

These days I specialize in writing and editing for small businesses, non-profits, sole-proprietors, and online professionals. I love collaborating with creative types whenever the opportunity arises. Small organizations rarely have the resources to keep a full-time writer on staff, and yet they find the services of a seasoned writer invaluable. Expertly crafted copy will give your organization legitimacy and a powerful voice. It expands your reach and raises your platform.

Perhaps most importantly, bringing in a freelancer (that’s me!) lets you, the business owner, focus on what you’re passionate about without having to provide benefits and office space for a writer. This applies to writing and editing services, as well as Virtual Assistant services (both of which I provide).

Please take a few moments to meander around my site. Be sure to check out my portfolio, as well as my menu of services. And when you’ve finished all that, hop on over to my contact information and let’s get to work!